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Feature Updates

New Features

      • Allows to turn on or off board power.
      • Allows to set the schedules of pages.
      • Allows to add timers and colorful words.
      • Allows to clear the media on pages.


      • Allows to set the display style of weather and the unit symbol of temperature.
      • Allows to set valid dates for smart brightness and added three repeating methods.
      • Made improvements to the function of creating solutions, including generating default solution name, setting resolution through specific terminals and remembering the resolution which will be used as the default value for the solution to be created next time.
      • Made improvements to the function of turning on DHCP service. The IP address of PC is required.

Fixed Problems


Remaining Problems


Related Information

ViPlex Express LAN-Based Screen Management Software User Guide-V1.3.6.pdf

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