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Feature Updates

New Features

      • In settings, users can choose whether to remember the connection password. After the option is deselected, users have to enter the password when connecting to a terminal each time.
      • In settings, users can view video tutorials.
      • Users can batch add and connect to mobile data module APN.
      • A prompt is added when a solution does not meet the requirements to avoid unsuccessful solution publishing.
      • In Playback Management, users can view the playback exception log.
      • Allows users to log in to VNNOX from ViPlex Express.
      • Improvements
      • Improved the prompt displayed when the video transcoding tool is deleted unexpectedly and the solution cannot be updated.
      • Improved the prompt displayed when users set the video source resolution.

Fixed Problems

When a 4K monitor is connected, web pages cannot be fully displayed.

Remaining problems


Related Information

ViPlex Express Studio Mode User Manual-V2.17.0.pdf

ViPlex Express Async Mode User Manual-V2.17.0.pdf

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