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If you want to download product documents, please find your desired version and click the download link on the page.

The Taurus series multimedia players are hardware products based on Android and can be used as terminal players of the asynchronous system.

VNNOX is a service platform designed for LED display control systems to remotely manage content and monitor screens.

ViPlex Express is a display content publishing management system for PC, which is installed in the Windows operating system and allows you to edit solutions and play the solutions on LCD or LED displays. In async mode, ViPlex Express is also used to control multimedia players. 

ViPlex Handy is a LAN-based screen management app for Android and iOS, which allows you to manage various terminals such as the Taurus series multimedia players and the JT100 traffic multimedia player.

VPlayer is an application and works as a terminal player used for devices installed with Windows or Linux.

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